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Poster Making Competition
Topic: Good Samaritan Law

(25th October, 2019)

Sunny Ahluwalia Foundation organized a poster making completion to create awareness on Good Samaritan Law among thousands of school children in Ambala during its 3 months road safety program between October 2019 and December 2019


The schools that took part in the competition are:


1.    Murlidhar DAV School, Ambala City

2.    Tulsi Public School, Ambala City

3.    BD Memorial School, Ambala Cantt.

4.    Police DAV  School, Ambala City

5.    Govt School, Main Branch, Ambala Cantt

6.    Sohan Lal DAV School Ambala City

7.    PKR Jain Vatika School. Ambala City



First position in Interschool Road Safety poster making competition was shared between Diksha of Police DAV Public School, Ambala City, and Yogeshwari Sharma of

Murlidhar DAV School.

The students depicted the truth of how the general public misuse their mobile phones at accident sites instead of helping the road victims. Through their posters, they created an awareness about the new law, the importance of helping accident victims, and how a Good Samaritan is protected by Law.

Don’t just watch accident victims, save them!

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