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Let's bring sunshine over darkness. Let's tread Sunny’s way.

Volunteer Registration

Do you love your country ? Do you want, you and your loved ones safe on road ? Do you want others to follow road safety rules ? If you encourage road safety and have the will and courage to support our campaign “No more accident victims on road”, come join hands, become a member and serve the society for a noble cause to save innocents on roads.


File should be less than 2 Mb in size !
By Submiting, you agree to our Terms and Conditions
  • Age limit is 15 yrs and above.
  • Online presence is mandatory.
  • Volunteers will be awarded with a certificate at the end of the program in acknowledgement of their dedicated service towards the organization.
  • Volunteers may also be presented a Letter of Recommendation by the head of the organization.
  • The minimum volunteering period is two month. This period can be extended as per the intention of the volunteer.
  • Volunteers are expected to be available at least an hour every day.
  • No cash donations may be collected by any volunteer. Donations are accepted via cheque /DD or direct transfer to the Sunny Ahluwalia Foundation bank account.
  • Volunteers may not release any material pertaining to SACF in the media without seeking SACF’s prior approval
  • All NGO’s activity should be coordinated through the concerned person in SACF. Please do not directly interface on projects and with other departments of SACF.
  • Volunteers must take accountability of their actions that involve the organization.
  • Volunteers must maintain transparency with the organization and provide all information to the administration in timely manner.
  • Volunteers must be responsive and available during the course of their volunteer program.
  • Volunteers must be punctual with their work.
  • Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and as per the values of the organization while representing said organization.
  • Volunteers must not disclose particulars and/or details of the organizational matters of a confidential nature to any unauthorized person during your volunteer program and afterwards.
  • Volunteers must show their support for the organization by following its social media platforms and liking, commenting and sharing its posts.
  • Volunteers are required to give feedback at given time periods to ensure improved and smooth functioning of the organization.
  • A brief concept note highlighting event concept, target audience, publicity campaign plans, fund generation plans, cause, what percentage proceeds to SACF needs to be sent to NGO at least one week in advance.
  • After approval from NGO you may proced with organising any event
  • Post approval of concept, literature/posters etc will be supplied by trust

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