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The Four Month Road Safety Program-2018

(10th October, 2018)

The Sunny Ahluwalia Charitable Foundation organized a road safety awareness and Investiture Ceremony of  Road Safety Ambassadors  in all the partner schools between  15th Oct 2018 to 30th Oct 2018. 

All the six partner schools had nominated their best and most talented students to create awareness about the main topic Good Samaritan Law in this 4 months long road safety program.

The students worked very closely with other students, their community and families to create road safety awareness about Good Samaritan Law. They performed a Nukkad Natak, urging everyone to follow road safety rules. 


All students and staff took a pledge to follow road safety rules.


Honey Preet Ahluwalia, the Vice president of Sunny Ahluwalia Foundation, addressed the students in all schools.She expressed that the main focus in this year will be the Good Samaritan Law. As per the law passed by the Supreme Court of India, if a person helps an accident victim he/she doesn’t have to go through any sort of legal hassles.


The NGO’s School Road Safety Program Head Ms. Sharol Ahluwalia & the Road Safety program coordinator Mr. Amarjeet Singh stepped in to give a detailed introduction of 4 months worth of activities to students in all these six schools.

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